About Us

In 2003, I started Bagettes as a side business.  I had been working in public relations for years, and I thought putting photos on make up bags would be something fun to do part-time. Enter my husband Bryan, who turned the business into a website, and as they say….the rest is history.

Bagettes is now a full time job for both of us, and along with our dedicated and caring staff, we are proud to create one of a kind, custom made gifts for you and your loved ones. Our photo bags have been featured on “Good Morning America,”  in Life & Style magazine,  The Wall Street Journal, and several regional newspapers and periodicals

Over the years, we’ve to come to know many of our loyal customers. We have seen their children grow up as they order new bags every year. We’d love to get to know you, and hear the stories behind your photos.

If at anytime you need advice on what image to use, what bag would be the best, or want to ask about any of our products, please contact us for assistance.

All The Best,

Felice Azorsky